About Me

Jay Leaf  ~  Owner/ Founder

Jay spent 19 1/2 years working as a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service.  He had to endure many hot summer days out in a mail truck, which was not equipped with air conditioning.  After many attempts at finding an effective method to cool down, Jay was able to develop a system that would keep the seat cool, thus helping to keep his core body temperature down and make being out in the heat much more bearable.  With a lot of encouragement from friends and family and many adjustments to the system, Jay started Cool Dat Azz in hopes of helping as many people cool down and beat the summer heat as possible.


About the system in a nut shell…

Without going into too many boring details, this system is a liquid-cooled system and is made up of a cooler that holds ice and water, a seat cover with channels for the water to pass through and a small pump that facilitates the water flow.  The cold water from the cooler (assuming the user has put ice and water in the cooler) passes through the channels in the seat cover, cooling the seat down and thus helping to cool down the person sitting in the seat.  For an additional fee, a thermostat control unit can also be added to the system to help control the seat temperature automatically.

The system can be powered by cigarette lighter / DC power port, a rechargeable battery pack, or can even be plugged into normal outlet power via an AC to DC adapter.  There are beaded and memory foam versions for vehicles or office chairs (check your seat size / type) or there are smaller memory foam versions that are portable so a person can cool down while attending a picnic, parade, sporting event, while fishing or boating, or even while lounging poolside or on the beach.  Some people even use them to cool down while in their homes enjoying their favorite TV show.

These systems are pretty simple and straightforward and are amazingly effective!

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