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COOL DAT AZZ – Music by J J COOL A (MP3)

By June 12, 2017
Coolin Dat Azz

Like the song featured in our video ad?  Here’s your chance to buy it and support the growth of Cool Dat Azz.

Download the MP3 for only $0.99 cents. (iPhone users see the note below)

The download link is good for two downloads in three days.

Click the play button to hear a short segment from the song.

Please note: After completing your purchase through PayPal, you will need to click the “RETURN TO MERCHANT” button from the PayPal confirmation screen to return to this page to download your song. You will also receive a purchase confirmation email (from us, not the PayPal receipt) that has the download link.

Attention iPhone users: Although you will be able to purchase the song using your iPhone, downloading the song after purchase is not an easy task. It is recommended that you download the song on your computer and then transfer to your iPhone. Sorry for this inconvenience. Apple does not make things easy to download outside of iTunes.