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The setup for this truck works best if it is placed directly behind the seat.  There are bracket that straps can be used to secured the cooler.  (See photos)

Side of Tubing Connections: Left Side works best here

Length of Tubing: The 4-foot segment is required here as the 2-foot segment is a little short,

Length of Power Cord: A battery pack is recommended here, but if you would like to use vehicle power, you will want a power plug with at least 10-ft of wire to be able to route the wire out of the way.  

Grip tape: Highly recommended for securing the cooler.  The grip tape combined with securing the cooler by strap to the seat bracket will keep it in place. 

Battery pack: Recommenced, but not necessary as long as the vehicle has a working power port and you get the power plug with at least the 10-ft wire.

Thermostat: If you are on the street longer than 4 hours, you may want to consider the thermostat as it will help conserve ice (and battery life) depending upon how cold you have the temperature set.  It will automatically cycle the pump based on the seat temperature. The more the pump is running, the faster your ice will deplete, so we recommend running the pump intermittently if you don’t have a thermostat.

Cold Azz Ice Seat Cooling System installed in a FedEx P700 .
Cold Azz Ice Seat Cooling System installed in a FedEx P700 .