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This is if you have no issues putting the cooler on the step back by the wall. The same configuration works if you would like to put the cooler behind the seat, which works well if you don’t need the seat all the way back. If you do put the cooler behind the seat, or anywhere on the floor of the LLV, we recommend getting some oven pads to put under the cooler to help protect it from the heat of the hot LLV floor.

Side of Tubing Connections: Right Side works best here

Length of Tubing: The 2-foot segment is plenty. If you tuck the tubing behind the seat belt housing (where the bottom belt come out of) the tubing will not get in your way while getting in and out of the vehicle.

Length of Power Cord: If you have a working DC Port in the LLV and plan to use it to power your system, we recommend at least the 10-ft cord so you can route the wire out of the way so you aren’t fighting with it or having to unplug it every time while exiting the vehicle. The cord length doesn’t matter if you plan on using the battery pack exclusively as the battery pack has its own cord.

Grip tape: Highly recommended for putting the cooler on the LLV step since the cooler bottom is pretty slick without the tape and you don’t want to have it sliding around.

Battery pack: You may need this since a lot of the LLVs don’t even have a power port or one that works at least. It’s not a bad idea to get two batteries to rotate as these batteries are great, but they do take a long time to fully charge from being completely depleted. sometimes up to 16 hours. Having two would allow for one to be charging as you’re using the other one.

Thermostat: If you are on the street longer than 4 hours, you may want to consider the thermostat as it will help conserve ice (and battery life) depending upon how cold you have the temperature set, as it will automatically cycle the pump based on the seat temperature. The more the pump is running, the faster your ice will deplete, so we recommend running the pump intermittently if you don’t have a thermostat.

IF YOU HAVE AN FFV, There is no room on your right or behind the seat to put the cooler, so you will need to get the left-side connectors. Tubing segment length varies depending upon where you would like to put the cooler. Many carriers put the cooler in the back.