Do you have questions about the options listed on the product page?  There are just a few things to determine before ordering…

In order to make it so people are able to get exactly the system set-up that will work best for them, we have added a lot of choices on the order page.  Here’s what everything means:

Seat cover color pattern:  This one is fairly obvious, but just in case you’re not sure what the “mystery color / pattern” selection means, it’s just that.  We have many seat covers that are similar to each other, but not exactly the same, so taking and posting pictures for just one seat cover isn’t time-effective for our team.  That’s where the mystery part comes in:  If you don’t really care what color or pattern that you get and only care that the system cools you down, this is a good option for you since these covers are discounted considerably.   If you select one of the other covers shown, the seat cover shown is what you will receive.  Please note that the prices may vary for the different seat covers.  The price displayed will not automatically update just by clicking the photo, you will need to change the seat cover in the drop-down menu to see the price of a seat cover.

Right-side or left-side tubing: Depending upon how and where you will use your system and depending upon where you would like to put your cooler, it may be beneficial to have your tubes come out of the right side of the seat cover or the left side.

Length of cooler-to-seat tubing segment: This will depend purely on where you will place your cooler during the operation of the system.  Once you have decided this, then can figure out how long of tubing segment will be required to reach the seat cover.  Maybe you would just like to have some flexibility on where you put your cooler, so in this case just get a segment long enough to put the cooler in the farthest place that you might possibly have it.  It’s always better to have more than enough, than not enough.

Length of power plug cord:  This will also depend on where you will put your cooler.  Assuming that you want to use your vehicle’s power port to power the system, power needs to get to the cooler from your vehicle’s power port.  Just consider that the cord should be routed in a manner that will not be in the way.  For example: If you are a mail carrier in an LLV and you put your cooler down on the footwell by the wall, a 6-ft cord will reach from the DC power port of the vehicle to the cooler.  However, if you go to exit the vehicle, the cord will be across the doorway and you will most likely have to unplug it to get out, or at least get out in a manner that is awkward.  In this case we recommend at least a 10-ft cord so you can route the wire out of the way of the doorway.  If you plan on mainly using the rechargeable battery pack that we offer, then you will only need this power cord in situations where your battery did not get fully charged, etc, and you need to power your system.

Rechargeable battery pack: If you would like to have the option of using your system, free of power from a vehicle, you can add this accessory.  The battery will power the system for at least 6-8 hours when fully charged.

Priority Mail upgrade option: Standard shipping to the lower 48-states is included with the purchase of each system, but if you would like to upgrade to Priority Mail shipping, you can receive your system in 2-3 business days.  Please note: If your order includes one of the rechargeable battery packs that we offer, the order will have to be shipped via standard surface mail since the battery packs aren’t allowed to be shipped on airplanes.

If you have any further questions, or you would like to get a quote about a custom system, please email us at and we will respond to you as soon as possible.