Cold Azz Ice Seat Cooling System – Four Seat System

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No AC or do you do drive an open-air vehicle where your AC is rendered useless? This special seat cooling system may be just what the doctor ordered! The system contains unique beaded seat covers that come with tubing weaved throughout them so ice water can be pumped through the tubing, cooling the users down as they on them.  The unit is powered from your vehicle’s DC power ports, but a 12V Rechargeable battery pack can also be added to the order. The pump systems take up very little space in the cooler, so there is still plenty of room to put your beverages, etc. for the day!


Cooler-to-Front Seats Tubing Segment *

The length of tubing needed to go from the cooler to the seat covers on the front seats.

Priority Mail Upgrade

Get your system in 2-3 days! Please note – If you add the 12V Rechargeable Battery Pack, due to FAA battery restrictions, your battery packs will need to be shipped separately via surface post.

Rechargeable Battery Packs

Need a different power source other than your vehicle’s DC power port? This 6800 mAh Battery Pack will power your system for 6-8 hours on a charge.

Product Description

Beaded seat covers have been enjoyed by users for many years, but these beaded seat covers are like no others!  The cover not only gives you a massaging sensation while you sit on it, but it also has tubing that passes throughout the beads, which allows ice water to be pumped from the cooler and circulated throughout the cover, cooling you down as you sit on it! These covers are extremely effective since they cool your core down. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t have air conditioning or an open-air vehicle where the AC is rendered useless, this system is a great option to help keep you comfortable while you’re cruising main street or out on the trails.

Each package includes:

4 – beaded seat covers (your choice of four colors) with tubing passing throughout the beads.  These seat covers are handmade in Thailand!

1 – 48-quart white marine cooler with a double-pump system (Other colors and sizes of coolers are available upon request, please use the contact form to make a color / size inquiry)

2 – DC Power plugs with 4-ft cord (cigarette lighter plug) (since an extension wire is included inside of the insulated tubing segment, power just needs to reach the area between the seats) (Each set of seats will need its own power source) (Rechargeable battery packs are also available)

1 – Length of your choice of a 6-ft, 8-ft or 10-ft insulated tubing segment to reach the front seats

1 – 4-ft tubing insulated segment to reach the rear seats

4 – 20-foot rolls of loop strapping to attach the seat cover to almost any type of seat*


Please note:  These seat covers are intended to cool the user down to a comfortable level. It is not recommended that the user expose bare skin to the tubing for more than a few minutes at a time as skin / tissue damage may occur. Please consult a physician if you have any health conditions that may be adversely affected from being exposed to cold temperatures. Please stop using the device if numbness occurs in any areas that are in contact with the device.

* – To attach to a seat that does not have a wool or fuzzy-type of backing, the included loop strapping will need to be cut and used to attach from seat cover strap to seat cover strap, under and / or around the seat.  If there is not access under and behind the seat and the seat does not have the wool-type backing, the seat cover may not be able to be attached to the seat.  If a strap can go under the seat (both side-to-side and front-to-back) and behind the seat, then it will most likely be able to be attached to the seat with the included strapping, assuming the seat is the correct size.  Unfortunately, these seat covers will not work on seats where the seatbelt is built into the seat.

Measurements of the seat covers are approximately 46″ L x 18″ W x 1/2″

Additional information

Seat Cover Color

Black with Neon Green Border, Black with Gray Border, Gray with Black Border, Gray with Neon Green Border

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