Cold Azz Ice Seat Cooling System – Single Seat with Thermostat Control

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No AC in your vehicle or office? Heat exhaustion / stroke is a real danger when the heat index gets 105 or above! This unique seat cover comes with tubing weaved into it which allows ice water to be circulated throughout the seat, cooling your core down as you sit on it.  The system uses very little power and can easily be powered by your vehicle's DC power port, but a 12V rechargeable battery pack can also be purchased if needed.

Prices may vary depending upon your seat cover color / pattern selection.  Please note: Clicking on the photos will just show you the seat cover, it won't be the selection if you place an order.  You must make your color / pattern selection in the drop-down menu.

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Cooler-to-Seat Tubing Segment *

Power Cord Length *

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Power your system for 6+ hours on a full charge using this rechargeable battery pack.

Priority Mail Upgrade

We highly recommend this option since delivery times via the standard shipping option can be rather sporadic. Your order will also processed ahead of orders that have not selected this option.

Product Description

If you are in a hot environment for hours, this is a great solution to make you more comfortable! The system is very efficient and effective because it is focused on just cooling YOU down, and not the entire vehicle / room.

Each package includes:

1 – beaded seat cover with tubing passing throughout the beads – You choose which side of the seat cover you would like the tubing connectors. (This will depend on where you would like to put your cooler.) These seat covers are handmade in Thailand!

1 – 17-quart cooler for ice and water with thermostat-controlled pump (Cooler color may vary)

1 – DC Power plug with a cord-length that you select **PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW**

1 – length of insulated tubing to go from the cooler to the seat cover (optional lengths)

1 – 20-foot roll of loop strapping to attach the seat cover to almost any type of seat*

The units are powered by plugging into your vehicle’s DC power port, but you may also choose to add the 12V rechargeable battery pack to power the system.


Please note:  These seat covers are intended to cool the user down to a comfortable level. It is not, however, recommended that the user expose bare skin to the tubing for more than a few minutes at a time as skin / tissue damage may occur. Please consult a physician if you have any health conditions that may be adversely affected from being exposed to cold temperatures. Please stop using the device if numbness occurs in any areas that are in contact with the device.
These beaded seat covers may not be a good idea for a person that does not wear a seat belt!  The beads are comfortable to sit on, but they can also be slightly on the slippery side due to the rolling nature of the beads.  This may cause a user to slide around slightly on the seat, therefore we highly recommend wearing your seatbelt!

* – These covers come with Velcro-style straps attached to the seat covers that will easily attach to a seat with wool-type backing.  To attach to a seat that does not have a wool-type backing, the included loop strapping will need to be cut and used to attach from seat cover strap to seat cover strap, under and / or around the seat.  If there is not access under and behind the seat and the seat does not have the wool-type backing, the seat cover may not be able to be attached to the seat.  If a strap can go under the seat (both side-to-side and front-to-back) and behind the seat, then it will most likely be able to be attached to the seat with the included strapping, assuming the seat is the correct size.  Unfortunately, these seat covers will not work on seats where the seatbelt is built into the seat.

Measurements of the seat cover are approximately 46″ L x 18″ W x 1/2″ T


** –  Unless you opt to use a battery pack, power needs to get from the vehicle’s DC power plug outlet to the cooler. Please make sure that you select a power cord long enough to route the wire from your vehicle’s power outlet to the cooler in a safe and out-of-the-way area.

Additional information

Seat Cover Color

Black with Neon Green Border, Black with Gray Border, Gray with Black Border, Gray with Neon Green Border, Blue Black Gray White, Pink Black Gray White, Black Gray White Oval, Blue Green White Oval, Maroon Gray White Oval, Maroon White Checkered with Green, Mystery Color / Pattern

Side of Tubing Connectors

Right-Side Tubing Connectors, Left-Side Tubing Connectors


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