Arctic Tush™ Memory Foam Seat Cooling System – Two Seat System

$ 549.99

This revolutionary new system is very simple to use:

  1. Attach the seat covers to your seats using the included Velcro-like attachment straps
  2. Put the cooler in the back of the vehicle (or wherever you would like to put it)
  3. Hook up your tubing lines
  4. Hook up the power
  5. Put enough water in the cooler to submerge the pump
  6. Fill the rest of the cooler with ice and your favorite beverages (more ice = longer cooling time)
  7. Prepare to be cooled down for the day as you're out on the trail or just cruising main street!

Cooler-to-Seat Tubing Segment *

Length of the tubing to go from the cooler to the seat covers.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Another way to power your system. This 6800 mAh rechargeable pack will usually run the system for 6-8 hours per charge.

Priority Mail Upgrade

Get your system a little quicker. Upgrade to Priority Mail Shipping. (Please note that due to FAA shipping regulations regarding battery packs, if a battery pack is selected as an option, then your order must be sent by standard ground shipping.)

Product Description

This package includes:

– Two (2) memory foam seat covers (choice of four colors) with tubing connections on the right side of the cushion (dimensions are  Width=18 in. Length=46 in. Thickness=1.5 in)

– One (1) 48-quart cooler for ice and water and your favorite beverages

– One (1) DC Power plug with 4 feet of cord (power just needs to reach the area between the two seats)

– One (1) set of insulated tubing connectors with power extension cord to reach the cooler (choose between 6, 8 or 10-foot segments)

– Two (2) 20-foot rolls of loop strapping for attaching the seat cover to a non-Velcro-friendly seat


* – Each seat cover comes with Velcro-style hook attachments that are sewn into the seat cover. If the back / side of the seat is something other than a material that hook-style attachments will attach to, then the included loop-style strapping will need to be used to attach the cover to your seat.   Please note:  If using on leather seats, to avoid damage to the leather it is recommended that a soft blanket or towel be placed on the seat before the cooling seat cover is attached to the seat.

Please consult your physician if you have any health conditions that may be adversely affected by body parts being exposed to cold temperatures.

Additional information

Seat Cover Color / Pattern

Navy Blue, Blue Camo, Gray Camo, Green Camo


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