Staying cool even with the temp outside at 106°!

This system is simply AMAZING! Does exactly what its name states: It cools your Azz!

Grizzly Amador Rural mail carrier Las Cruces, NM

Arctic Tush™ - Lg - Navy Blue

Arctic Tush™ – Memory Foam Seat Cooling System

No AC? Heat related illness is a big problem when people are exposed to high heat indexes. If you spend hours in a vehicle without air conditioning and you would like an effective way to cool down, this product may be just what the doctor ordered.  This unique memory foam seat cover has tubing that passes through it, allowing ice water to be circulated throughout the cover.  It is not only comfortable to sit on, but it will cool down your backside quickly, making those hot days more bearable.  Just add some water to the cooler and fill the rest with ice and let the system do the rest!