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Cold Azz Ice vs. Arctic Tush

About the systems

The Basics

The Make-up:

Each system has four main components: 

(1) A specially designed seat cover which can attach to almost any seat or chair.   The seat covers come in two different types - beaded  or memory foam and we have different color options for each type.  The tubing connections are on the side of the seat cover and you can choose which side of the cover you would like these connections.  Each seat cover has several hook-type straps around the perimeter of the cover to be able to securely fasten it to almost any car seat, office chair, recliner or even a pool lounger

(2) A specially modified cooler which holds ice and a small amount of water.  The most common system comes with an Igloo Legend 17-quart cooler, but we can adapt our pump system to fit almost any cooler.  The pump doesn't take up much room in the cooler, so you can pack it pretty full of ice or even put a few drinks inside to keep them cold.

(3) A tubing segment that transports the water from the cooler to the seat cover.   The tubing segments come in 2, 4, or 6-foot segments depending upon where you would like to put your cooler.

(4) A method to give the system a 12-volt power supply.  Each system comes standard with power supply plug with a 4-foot cord that can be used in a vehicle with a functioning DC power port (cigarette lighter plug-in.)  We have plugs with longer cord lengths (up to 15 feet) for an addition fee if you need a longer power cord.  We also have rechargeable battery packs that will operate the systems for 6+ hours on a charge if you need / want to use one of those as your method of powering the system. 


How does it work?

The cooler has a pump which circulates ice water from the cooler throughout the tubing inside of the seat cover.  Since a good portion of your body is in contact with the seat cover, the circulating ice water effectively cools you down as you are seated.  The system uses very little power and is very efficient in that it is cooling you down, without having to cool all of the air around you.  Many of the users of our systems claim they actually feel too cold at times while using their system, even when using it in an environment with temperatures over 100 degrees.

How long with the system last on a load of ice?

Depending upon how often you are running the pump and how hot of an environment you are using the system, the ice will last 4-8 hours.  We recommend using frozen bottles of water (1/2 gallon juice jugs or 2-liter pop bottles work well) as the main ice supply, with some loose ice filling the gaps around the bottles.  You can also just fill the entire cooler with ice as long as you keep an eye on the water level as the ice melts.  Opting for the systems with the thermostat-controlled cooler or timer-controlled cooler will also help preserve the ice since the pump will only turn on intermittently.  With thermostat-controlled models, the pump turns on when the seat temperature is above the temperature that you set, and with timer-controlled models, you can set the amount of time the pump is off and also the amount of time the pump is on.

With the options that we offer, you can customize a system to best work for you, in your vehicle or elsewhere.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the system and the available options.  You can also check our ordering info page to get more of an idea about the different options.

Here's the recommended set-up for a Postal LLV

Here's the recommended set-up for a FedEx P700


Here are the main differences between the two systems:

Cold Azz Ice (beaded version):

  • Allows air flow between you and the seat, which has a cooling effect in itself.
  • Direct contact with the cold tubing.
  • Easier to get in and out of your vehicle.
  • Massaging sensation.
  • Lower cost.

Arctic Tush (memory foam):

  • Softer and more comfortable for longer periods of sitting.
  • The foam keeps more of the coldness directed at you, instead of escaping into the seat.